Friday, December 18, 2009

Michigan State @ Indiana

     Michigan State came out flat and did nothing but struggle their way through a game that should have been easily won against the Hoosiers (5-3).
     MSU lost star HB Edwin Baker for the game during the 1st quarter after IU had opened up a 10-0 lead. Keith Nichol and backup HB Ashton Leggett brought the Spartans back and tied it up at 10-10 midway through the second quarter. On the Spartans' next possession, Keith Nichol left with an injury that would keep him out for the game. Andrew Maxwell, who had been filling in for Nichol the past few weeks, played only one series in the 2nd quarter before also leaving the game with an Injury. MSU went into halftime tied 17-17.
    The Spartans came out in the 2nd half and scored on their first possession, largely due to the running game provided by 2nd and 3rd string HBs Ashton Leggett and Larry Caper. Indiana would answer on their next possession and that would be it for the scoring in the 3rd.
    The fourth quarter was pure craziness. On MSU's first possession, 3rd string QB Jason Robinson threw a an INT in the redzone giving Indiana the ball with about 5 minutes left and a tie ball game. Indiana then drove to the MSU 40 but their QB Follett was picked off by a streaking Brynden Trawick, who returned it to the IU 30. Leggett and Caper did the rest of the work as the Spartans took a 7 point lead. Indiana took over with about 2 minutes remaining. Follett lead a perfect drive, ending in an incredible deep ball in double coverage for the TD to tie with 30 seconds left. MSU returned the ensuing kickoff to their own 35. On the first play, coach JC decided to take a gamble and sub in 3rd string HB Larry Caper for some extra speed, instead of Leggett. Robinson delivered a perfect screen pass to Caper as he got drilled and Caper scooted between 4 defenders for a 66 yard TD with 19 seconds remaining.
    Despite loosing virtually their entire offense to injury in this game, the Spartans managed to escape this one with a win and keep their rose bowl hopes alive.
    The player of the game was DE Tyler Hoover, who recorded 3 sacks and 5 tackles for a loss. 3rd string HB Larry Caper also recorded 3 rushing TDs as well as a 66 yard TD reception.
   MSU expects to have Nichol, Maxwell, and Baker healthy for next weeks game against Purdue.


Trawicks 4th Quarter INT

 Folletts 4th quarter TD to tie with 30 seconds left

 Robinson to Caper on a screen pass for the win